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Spring Hill Early Learning
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Daycare & Preschool serving Spring Hill & Columbia areas

Welcome to Spring Hill Early Learning! We're a family-focused early education and care school serving toddlers through Kindergarten, and school age kids with before and after school care as well as school break camps.

Your child will grow in knowledge, curiosity, creativity and character with programs designed to nurture lifelong learners.  Spring Hill Early Learning is the premier daycare in Spring Hill. We have 13 classrooms divided by age in our 12,000 square foot facility. The large outdoor play areas are also age-divided so your children have the best experience possible.

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Spring Hill Early Learning Daycare and Preschool
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Spring Hill & Columbia Day Care & Preschool FAQs

Our toddler daycare program in Spring Hill is especially designed for children with young minds and young bodies. Our teacher prioritize safety and learning in creating a comfortable environment for littles ones. Each day are our daycare center in Spring Hill TN is filled with a balanced routine that includes educational activities, creative play, and quiet rest times. Your child will develop their social skills and motor skills as well as their cognitive abilities each day to ensure school readiness in a safe and nurturing environment at our daycare in Columbia TN.

We put children and families and their unique needs in the spotlight, buffing up their social skills, brainpower, and early language skills at our Columbia daycare. Trust our Spring Hill daycare center to shower your toddlers and children with love and care, nurturing their growth and setting them up for a dazzling educational future. Let us he your family and your child bloom with our Columbia TN toddler daycare magic.
Our preschool program is a safe and engaging educational environment to kids get school ready for Spring Hill preschool, pre-kindergarten, and elementary school. Full time teachers foster the natural curiosity of your child with a blend of structured learning, creative art, and free play. We emphasize early exposure to the building blocks of language, math, science and other subjects for school readiness. Their social, emotional and physical health and growth are also a priority in early care.  Visit our preschool in Columbia TN today.
Our preschool is a safe and engaging educational environment for children at a young age. Full time teachers foster the natural curiosity of your Spring Hill preschool age children with a focus on a blend of structured learning, creative art, and free play. We emphasize early exposure to the building blocks of language, math, science and other subjects. Their social, emotional and physical health and growth are also a priority.

Our top-notch educators whip up a supportive and thrilling class scene where young minds can bloom and get ready to attend pre-K. By our students dipping their toes into practical teaching methods, we stir up a zest for learning and lay a rock-solid base for future wins. Get additional information and find out about eligibility and tuition payments by contacting us today at our Columbia preschool.
As your child walks in to our Spring Hill pre-K program, their imagination will be immediately captivated. Creative artwork, labels, and other resources and learning aids with metric and imperial units help them connect letters and words. They will embark on an exciting pre-K program journey that includes essential skills in math, science, art, language and social interactions with other children. Let them grow in knowledge and in character as our full time teachers take them through each day.

Our trained pre-K program in Spring Hill TN educators guide the four year olds through gripping lessons and participate in hands-on learning jamborees, sparking their inborn curiosity and love for knowledge. We create an atmosphere where children can sprout skills and self-assurance, setting them up for a breezy shift from pre-K programs into Kindergarten.
Early childhood education is an approach to Spring Hill child care we take with all of other children who enroll in our preschool programs here. This recognizes that the formative years lay the foundation for lifelong learning. We emphasize all aspects of your child's growth in early child care here in Spring Hill TN and Columbia TN, including their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. This process incorporates structured educational activities, creative play, art, and social interactions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our devoted family of early education teaching champs at our daycare centers for young age groups create a loving and caring learning experience at daycare centers where your kiddo can bloom – intellectually, socially, and emotionally. With a well-rounded curriculum and learning experience from daycare to pre-Kindergarten and all grades beyond, and free exciting activities to teach the basics like metric and imperial units, we spark a lifelong fire for learning, setting up our children for a future filled with triumphs.
Our school age program in Spring Hill TN and Columbia TN is meant for kids up to 12 years old. We blend academics with recreational activities, and personal development opportunities. Your kids will be engaged in physical activity, make new friends in their age groups, and continuing their education in a safe and positive environment. We strive to make it feel like your child has a home away from home where that provides encouragement, enrichment and educational opportunities.

By weaving in just-right activities for families with kids of each age bracket, hearty meals, and brain-tingling educational adventures, we guarantee a time chock-full of fun and development for your students at our day care in Columbia TN. Trust us to deliver first-class after school programs in Spring Hill TN that meshes with your family's wishes like a dream.  We're excited to help your children learn and develop.
Our after school care program in Spring Hill compliments the regular school day to help prepare children for elementary school. This is done through a balanced mix of academic support, recreational activities, social interaction and personal development. Our program follows the public school calendar starting in the fall and helps students further develop their essential life skills that keep them engaged while you are away at work. Transportation to attend our child care center is available from public schools in Spring Hill TN.

Contact us today to tour our classrooms, see some of our youth, see out tuition payments, and see if your child is eligible. Our family looks forward to help your family's children learn and grow.
Whether is spring break, summer break, or winter break, our programs provide the care your kids need to keep them engaged and growing out side of the regular school year. Our dynamic curriculum, quality childcare and activities balance educational development, physical activities, and social interactions with their age groups to ensure your children continue to develop the lifelong skills they need in public schools or private schools. Our Spring Hill child care teachers lead these classes in a safe structured way that encourages and builds confidence throughout the school year.

We are proudly serving the Spring Hill community and Columbia community conveniently located in the Neapolis area.
From fostering spiritual growth to social interaction and pushing students' cognitive development, we've got it all covered through fun tasks, structured activities and perfectly tailored learning modules for students. Our dedicated team of Spring Hill and Columbia TN educators are all about guiding these young learners, helping them grow into confident, empathetic characters with a deep sense of faith.

We create a child care environment at our Columbia day care that encourages spiritual growth, hand in hand with top quality childcare for young children ages and foundational education programs. Enroll your kiddo in our Christian daycare centers in Spring Hill TN and kindergarten program to find the perfect blend of family, faith and learning. We look forward to helping your children learn.
Getting a head start in education will set your child up for success as the grow up. Our Spring Hill Christian preschool equips them with the knowledge, curiosity, focus and creativity they need to build a strong educational foundation. Christian preschool is funded and structured differently than public preschool that receive federal funding.

Our warm-hearted teaching crew puts a special focus on building moral values, social ninja skills, and a strong foundation of religious principles in preschool here. All in all, we offer Spring Hill families a complete, full-package deal in early childhood education at low cost to get students ready for prekindergarten. Come and visit and explore the awesomeness of our Church Preschool program today in Spring Hill TN and Columbia TN, meet our full time teachers and learn about your child's eligibility.
Your student's imagination will light up each day they walk into the pre-K program classroom. Creative art, labels, and visual learning aids help them draw the connection between letters and words in our pre-K program. Your student will be taught language, math, art, and science all built into the Spring Hill pre-K programs curriculum.

And guess what? We've got some pretty strong ties with local churches, Christian and schools in Spring Hill TN, which means we put a big emphasis on awesome virtues like fellowship, understanding, and respect in our pre-K programs. Our super dedicated church daycare crew ensures that each kiddo gets top-notch care while growing both in family unity and spirituality. So, why not choose us for your pre-K program for your four year old children? Our Spring Hill church daycare program and pre-K program seamlessly marry faith with child development and social interaction for all children ages, and we think you're going to love it.

We are proudly serving the Spring Hill community and Columbia community from our daycare center conveniently located in the Neapolis area.
We do not currently offer casual drop in care on an as needed basis to the Columbia TN or Spring Hill community. Our early education and quality care services for young children ages are provided young age based on weekly and monthly fees and tuition payments.
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