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Spring Hill Early Learning
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Spring Hill Early Learning
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Columbia Preschool

Year-Round Care & Learning for Ages 18 Months to 5 Years. 5 Days Per Week.
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Creative Foundations

Welcome to preschool! Its time to build strong friendships, foster critical thinking, develop deeper problem-solving, and apply creativity in class. Our teachers will lead your preschooler through curriculum to build the foundation of math, science, writing, and reading. Social awareness, being kind, and learning to follow instruction are skills that are encouraged to develop through this preschool stage.

Holistic Education

Children learn best when they are engaged. Activities like painting, gardening, and storytelling stimulate their natural curiosity. These structured programs encourage lifelong learning and continued healthy socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development. Outdoor play gives them a release for never-ending energy as well as building social skills and encouraging an active lifestyle.
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Why Is Spring Hill Early Learning the Right Choice?

Health and Safety
Your child's health and safety comes first. Policies and procedures are in place for this.
Distinctive Education
Our curriculum is designed for your child to grow in their learning and understanding.
Character Development
A person's character lasts a lifetime. Character development is built in everyday.
Delightful Days
Children learn the most through play. There's always fun activities to engage with.
Enriching Environment
An enriching and nurturing environment fosters a sense of belonging and confidence.
Mind, body, and spirit make a full person. Every part of your child's being matters.

Give Your Child the Foundation They Need

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Discover why Spring Hill Early Learning is the right choice for your child. You'll get a complete tour and all the program details.
2. Apply to Enroll
We'll get you and your child set up for the first day so you feel equipped. Our staff will walk you through every detail from drop off to pick up.
3. Watch Your Child Grow
You'll be confident dropping your child off for a day of fun, learning, and growth in an enriching and nurturing environment.

Next Step: Schedule a Tour

We'd love to meet your family. Our friendly staff will guide you through the facility and answer all of your questions.

Preschool FAQs

Our Columbia TN preschool is a safe and engaging educational environment for children at a young age. Full time teachers foster the natural curiosity of your pre-K preschool age children with a focus on a blend of structured learning, creative art, and free play. We emphasize early exposure in your child's life to the building blocks of language, math, science and other subjects. Their social, emotional and physical health and growth are also a priority at our Columbia TN preschool.

Our top-notch educators in Maury County whip up a supportive and thrilling class scene where young minds can bloom and get ready to attend pre-K. By our students dipping their toes into practical teaching methods, we stir up a zest for learning and lay a rock-solid base for future wins. Get additional information about our Columbia TN pre K and preschool and find out about eligibility and tuition payments by contacting us today at the best Columbia preschool. Your child will shine with the best preschool in Columbia TN.

Our safe and nurturing environment in Columbia TN is perfect for children ages 2 to 5 years. 2 years olds do not have to be potty trained to join our learning environment. Spring Hill Early Learning Daycare and Preschool Columbia TN is here for you with affordable tuition payments. Maury County is a great place for children and families throughout the school year no matter if they are in pre K or another age group.
Getting a head start in education will prepare children for success as the grow up. Our Columbia Christian preschool in Maury County equips them with the knowledge, curiosity, focus and creativity they need to build a strong educational foundation. Christian preschool and pre K is funded and structured differently than public preschool that receive federal funding.

Our warm-hearted and background checked teaching crew in Columbia TN puts a special focus on building moral values, social ninja skills, and a strong foundation of religious principles in preschool and pre K here. All in all, we offer Columbia TN 38401 families a complete, full-package deal in early childhood education and best child care programs in Columbia TN at an affordable price. Come visit and explore the awesomeness of our Church Preschool program in Maury County today, meet our full time teachers and learn about your child's eligibility. Your child will be ready for the elementary school year with the best child care Columbia TN 38401 around.
Our preschool Columbia TN 38401 is open 5:30am to 5:30pm.  We serve Columbia TN 38401 and Maury County as well as Spring Hill areas. Maury County is a great place to raise kids. Our Columbia TN preschool makes it better. Finding the best preschool Columbia TN is no easy task. Luckily your Columbia TN search stops here. Preschools in Columbia TN like ours are here for you each day.
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